Parking is available in the parking garage located off vine street. 

               2015 Walk for Life Route

January 17th 2015      10am til 12 noon


Rutherford County Courthouse 

20 N. Public Square

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Heart of Tennessee Pro Life encourages positive and uplifting signage use at our Walk for Life. Rosaries, crosses, and similar items are also acceptable. We do not support signage that includes graphic depictions of abortions or aborted fetuses. We also do not support signage that includes hate speech, discriminatory language, crude, hard or vulgar language, or anything that would not be considered "family friendly." In that respect, we ask that our walkers refrain from such signage.

Protesters during the Walk

At many Pro Life events, protesters have been known to make a presence. If protesters do appear at a Heart of Tennessee Walk for Life, please know that they have a legal right to be at the rally just like everyone else. For the safety of our attendees and to keep the Walk peaceful for all, we ask that our rally attendees refrain from engaging in any form of contact with protesters. Please do not make eye contact, approach, wave or gesture at, speak to, or retaliate against anyone who engages in protesting during the Walk. This includes attempts to engage you in an argument or fight. Heart of Tennessee Pro Life will have volunteers stations at many locations in the area during the walk. If you are having an issue with a protester, you many notify a volunteer immediately. If you feel that your life or well being or the life or well being of another is in any danger, please contact 9-1-1 immediately and do not wait to find a volunteer. Your safety is our greatest concern.